The Masterplan of DD

This would be the place to write all about our dreams and ambitions. The place to claim the topspot on any ladder across the world. The place where words would have as much power as a Fiat 500 running empty.

Instead well tell you one thing. We play for the thrill of competition. We never trash talk our opponents. We never claim losses we know we shouldnt. We never whine about losing to a better team.
We do however always report the scores. We always bring the fight to those who seek it, and we always say thank you kindly.

The Masterplan of DD is not sitting on top of a ladder where the only kudos youll get is from 15 year old fat kids with no friends. We play for teamwork and because were to lazy to go to a real sport.

We do have a laugh about no skilled players who talk about the comradery of war and their guns of justice. That is just hilarious. What is also hilarious is tarded kids who try to claim victories which they have no right to claim. That is sad and funny.

We have a halo which shine brighter than the bullets flying through the gloomy night of Verdun, France. Please, be a funny little boy and disrespects us. Well then know were better than you at both life and gaming.